Random Thoughts

Here Goes Nothing 

The smart thing to do would probably research what a typical blog looks like and how it is formatted and what voice I should use. Which in most situations is what I normally do, research, develop a plan, and then execute. However, for some arbitrary reason it feels right to just wing this. Make it up as I go along. Have fun with it and use this platform as an adventure. So, welcome to the adventure. Before we begin there are a few FAA mandated safety messages that I have to go over. In the unlikely event of a water landing there is a life vest located somewhere around you and if you can’t find that your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. There are emergency exits located in the back button of your browser and the small “X” on the top right of your screen. If all else fails, just hold the power button down for a few seconds and you will be promptly removed from this post. Thank you for flying American Airlines. (this post is in no manner affiliated or endorsed by American Airlines or the FAA I may or may not be writing this on an airplane that’s for you the reader to figure out).

The next logical thing would probably be give a background story about who I am so you as the reader can better understand me. But this is my first blog post ever so in reality only four people are going to read it (thanks mom) so the story telling would be a waste of breath. Well I guess finger strokes, therefore a waste of mechanical energy that came from chemical energy that my body processed from food. And I’m basically on a ramen noodle everyday kind of diet because college. So yeah, my energy is valuable, therefore no backstory for my mom to read.

Lastly if for some reason you ever think that I have it all “figured out,” I would like to refer you to the emergency exit briefing given to you earlier in the post. I recommend the power button method but the choice is ultimately up to you. I say this because all too often in my life I naïvely thought that I had it all figured out. It started in middle school when I became an “adult,” or at least that’s what I thought. All the way to the time I became an actual adult (If I can even call myself that) I figured I had read enough books on how to maximize life and had figured life out. I had a plan and set goals for myself so all I had to do was knock those goals out and then I would have anything and everything I ever wanted.

Shockingly, all the detailed plans I had made did not come together in sync at the right time so my life was not what I thought it would be. What I thought that I had figured out was not so much figured out but rather a plan for utopia. Which is the only thing that I will admit to being impossible in the world that we live in. Maybe it is possible in another dimension but that’s getting into string theory so I will save that for another post.

Back on topic. No one has it all figured out and no book or video or story or app or accessory to wear on your wrist that tracks your steps, heart rate, and dopamine levels will help you have it all figured out. Which when you think about it is a terrifying topic. Going through life knowing that you will never know the full plan. That you will only have ideas and no matter how hard you work at your goals you will never know if it will all workout in the end is a scary and intimidating thought. But that’s where faith comes in.

Faith meaning two things. First the most obvious is faith in a religion or spiritual powers which for me is Christianity. I have faith that God has it all figured out and has a master plan for my life guiding me like a parent and ensuring that I make it out okay and more importantly have a purpose on this earth. This faith is tested because when you go through struggles it’s hard to picture the great and loving God and trust that my hard times are a part of a plan. But even in rough patches I still trust in him and have faith that it will all work out, faith that keeps me in peace and my fears at a minimum.

But also faith in the tangible things in our society. Faith that my friends are true friends and there to help me when I need them. Faith that what my professors are teaching me are true. Faith that I am on the right path doing the right things for the right reasons.

Through these faiths I accept the fact that I may never have it all figured out, I may come close in the wisdom of my old age but I will never have it 100% figured out. But that’s okay because I trust in God, I trust in the people I surround myself with, and I focus on what I do know. I focus on learning and growing and planning for the future. Allowing my faith to fill in the rest.

So I challenge you to stretch your faith, trust in what you know, accept what you do not, and make good choices. See you on Thursday.

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