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The Love Note to Me Part II

***If you have not read last week’s post, “The Love Note to Me,” click this link (The Love Note to Me) or else you will be thoroughly confused and not able to fully experience the great story that is to follow.***

My investigation into Jerry had been closed for almost a week, and I had moved on with my life. But this all changed when I came face to face with the man named Jerry.

It was Sunday afternoon (yes again on Sunday, apparently that is the day for finding love). I was walking to the mail room in my apartment complex, and had just taken one the best selfies ever. As I was choosing which filter to apply, I hear a familiar voice say, “Hi, how are you?”

Instinctively; I cheerfully responded, “Good, how are you?” And looked towards the noise to see if I knew this person. This is when I see a middle age man who looked a lot like Theodore Bagwell from the hit show Prison Break, smoking a cigarette on his front porch.

Not recognizing the smoking gentleman, I continued to the mail room wondering why the voice sounded so familiar. That was when it hit me. He sounded a lot like Jerry, the guy who left the love note on my car a week before.

I pulled out my phone, re-listen to the voicemail, and confirm that the smoking gentleman did have a colorful and flamboyant voice like Jerry’s. I got my mail and returned to my apartment to text my friend and investigation partner Kevin.

I updated him on the new information and we began to determine the likelihood of the smoking gentleman actually being Jerry. This is when I received a text message from the number written on the business card. The same number that I called but never left a message or any indication that I received one of his “love making cards.”


(this is 100% authentic I do not have the creativity nor computer skills to Photoshop that message)

I read the message and then reread it because, who says something that forward to a random number that called you on a Monday? For all he knows I could be a 12-year-old kid that got with his buddies over spring break to prank call random phone numbers.

After the second reading I first went and checked all my doors and windows to make sure that they were locked. And after my apartment was secured I screenshot the message and sent it to Kevin. His first response was disbelief and once I had him convinced that the message was in fact authentic he told me to lock my doors at night (Duhh).

With this last piece of information, I again closed the investigation, except this time It was certainly closed for good.

I read the message a third time because of how dumbfounded I was by Jerry’s keyboard courage, and how direct he was about his intentions. Even after the third reading, the message was still just as creepy, and it was still unsettling to know that this man who resembles Theodore Bagwell, lives a few doors down from me. (seriously if you don’t know who I am talking about Google the name)

However, I choose not to be fear mongered into constantly being scared at home. Of course I don’t take unnecessary risks and now make sure my doors are always locked. But I don’t leave my apartment fearing that he is outside waiting for me. I live just as I did before I knew who Jerry was and will continue to do so regardless of the situation. Only adjusting my life to protect myself from logical risks.

So I challenge you not to be fearful of things in your life. But rather, evaluate the situation, adjust accordingly, and never be controlled by the fear. Instead take it head on and conquer it. As always; make good choices, share if you liked what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I’ll see you on Sunday. No that is not a typo, yes there is a bonus blog about my spring break adventures this past week. You’re welcome.


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