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My Leap of Faith

Since my post was published last week I had not made much progress in figuring out the rest of my life, shocking I know. I did think about it a lot, but I still found myself sitting at the fork in the road waiting for God to translate my map.

Sunday came around, and while I was at church I heard the pastor say, “Thomas it is not a map you are to follow, but a person.” At first I was a little shocked that the pastor somehow found this blog and was so moved by my writing that he wrote his sermon about it. This disbelief quickly passed because I soon remembered he was talking about Thomas the disciple, not Thomas the college student blogger.

Later in the week I was one of many students at Breakaway (a massive bible study that takes place on the campus at Texas A&M, it is pretty cool you should check it out) and near the end of worship one of the band members began to talk about how during life’s uncertainty it is important to walk in faith and trust in God. That he is not going to layout a detailed plan for your life, and that you can’t simply wait around for the perfect plan that has no risk involved.

After hearing this on top of being called out by name at church I began to think about how I was sitting at the fork in the road, waiting for a detailed map to be handed me, so I can easily walk towards the successes of my future. What kind of faith do I have in the Lord if I am not willing to make a move unless I know all the details and reasoning of his plan? .

If your parents trusted you growing up you could easily leave the house without explanation, but if your parents did not trust you at the time or did not trust the people you were going to hangout with, you would have to explain every intimate detail of what your plans were. Requiring to know everything is not trust but distrust and shows a lack of faith.

I realized that there will never be a clear path to my future. That God will never un-encrypt my google map, or light up the trail I should take with a huge neon sign saying, “pick me.” When God led the Israelites out of Egypt he did not give Moses a clear plan. Moses had no idea that God was going to part the Red Sea, and provide the necessary food for their journey. All Moses knew for sure was that God had promised him great land for his people to live on. The adventure of getting to this land was unknown, but Moses trusted that God would provide, and provide he did.

Knowing that I can no longer sit at the fork in the road, and that I needed to get up and truly trust in the Lord. That I must walk into the haze of the unknown and have the faith that my sovereign God will guide me and make sure that I end up in the right place. Realizing all of this I begin to prepare myself to choose a direction to go.


Looking down each path, evaluating the passion and potential I have in each career choice, I realize that none of the options are ever going to be perfect. We live in a flawed world; perfection is not a reality. But what is a reality is the pretty good option, the path that feels right in most situations, the one that gets me fired up and excited most of the time.

Now I may not choose the right path, I may initially be going in a different direction than what God had intended for my life. But the cool thing about God, is that he always gets his ways, it may seem that the fork will never intersect again, that the path you choose will be set in stone forever. But I know that he works all things for good and will make the roads cross if that is what is needed.

So I challenge you to walk in faith, go into the haze of uncertainty and trust that God will provide for you, part your personal Red Seas, and guide your life to greatness. As Always; make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I’ll see you on Thursday.


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