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5 Types of Back Packs on Campus

Walking across campus every day uphill both ways to get from my car to my class, I interact with a lot of people. With this I also see a lot of backpacks. Actually I only see 5 different types of backpacks, but I see these types many times on the same type ofswiss person.

The Swiss Gear backpack: This bag is typically accompanied by an engineering student that is most likely wearing cargo shorts and hasn’t showered in two days. This bag is great for carrying all 6 required textbooks, a PC laptop with every coding language downloaded on it, 18 packages of Pop-Tarts and a TI – 89.

northfaceThe neon North Face backpack with Greek letters on it: You can find this bag being accompanied by a basic white girl wearing Nike shorts that are covered by an oversized comfort color t-shirt, jandals, and holding some weird drink from Starbucks. The bag is mostly empty simply carrying a Mac Book, I Phone charger, and a Camelback water bottle.

adidas backpack.jpg

The Adidas backpack: It typically has a sport also embroidered on the bag and is carried by a student athlete wearing other Adidas clothing all compliments of the athletic department as a result of a multi-million dollar Adidas contract. The exact contents cannot be disclosed because of brand deal issues but one thing is for certain, the bag has a Gatorade squeeze bottle in it, again compliments from the athletic department.

RPTS bagThe Patagonia backpack: Although it was designed to be used on hikes in the woods, this bag is also used for school work by Chaco wearing RPTS majors (Recreation, Parks, and Tourism). You will be sure to find the bag carrying a Nalgene, a wilderness first aid kit, a week’s supply of cliff bars, and rock climbing gear because anytime is a good time to image

The no back pack back pack: This invisible bag is suiting because the person carrying it has invisible homework, is invisible for group project meetings, and invisible during lecture, except on test day. This is when they decide to become visible again, making sure to sit in the seat that you had been sitting in all semester. Don’t be this guy.

So I challenge you, yes I have a lesson out of this blog too, I challenge you to put effort into things in your life even if it’s not required, because no one likes the guy that shows up on test day and takes your seat because he doesn’t need to go to class if the professor doesn’t take attendance. (for those of you who like literary terms that was a metaphor). As always; make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I will see you tomorrow.


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