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My 700 Calorie Mistake

Aside from buying Reese’s Puff cereal Sunday morning I also bought protein powder. I know such a tool bag, but I am actually not that bad compared to others. I only drink protein shakes 5 times a day. Before, during, and after my morning workout, as well as with lunch and dinner. Why workout twice a day when you can consume 300% of your daily protein value?

Just kidding I don’t drink one at lunch, that’s reserved for my ramen. I did try to mix the protein powder in with the sodium packet once, but chicken flavored chocolate milk was not one of my best ideas.

Anyways, I bought what I thought was protein powder, but when I got home and actually read the label I noticed that instead of saying “Whey Protein” it said “Mass Gain.” At first I thought it was a marketing strategy to trick meat heads into buying their product and help them become more massive. But after checking the nutrition information and seeing that there were 700 calories per serving I knew that I had messed up


After church I reluctantly faced the crowd of soccer moms and headed back to HEB to exchange my powdered calories for a more suitable supplement. As I was competing for a parking spot against the army of mini vans I thought about what would have happened if I never read the label and unknowingly consumed an extra 700 calories a day. Now, I am not one to count calories and watch my weight; in fact, I enjoy how I can rock the dad bod one week and the fit bod another depending on the amount of pizza I consume.

Nevertheless, an extra 700 calories a day would take me from the borderline dad bod to a full blown dad bond, potentially pushing the limits of what a dad bod is. This is because I buy the ultra-tool bag size of protein powder because it has the cheapest price per ounce. So the container would have lasted me two months, and in that time I would have added an extra 20 to 30 pounds of Thomas to my physique. Luckily I noticed this mistake before it was too late.

So I challenge you to not carelessly do activities but focus on even the smaller tasks, because sometimes it does matter if you grab the large red container on the right instead of the large red container on the left. As always; make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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