Random Thoughts

Ode to Finals

Twas the night before finals,

And all through the town

Starbucks was open

Filled with a crowd.

The essays were written

Problems were solved.

Students anguished with fear

Because finals were near.

Desired to be nestled in bed

Watching Grey’s or Parks and Rec.

Students frantically finished their work

As the 8am final was in the lerk.

Crying and sobbing as they looked ahead

Realizing that there is no time for bed.

One chapter down

Thirty more to go.

There only desire is to be at home.

To layout all summer

And live with mother.

But they can’t leave just yet

Half a semester still in the fret.

This grade is the decider

And they will go down a fighter.

Two chapters through; twenty nine to go.

Its 2am!


Time to cram,

Time to scram,

Sparknote this, Cliffnote that,

Simply give the surface a scratch.

Only view the example

There is no time to solve.

I quit;

can we call it a draw?

Fail I will

Summer school I must.

There is no way out of this crunch.

To bed I go, just to rest my eyes

Cram in the morning

To prevent my despise.

Challenge you I do,

Challenge you I must,

Keep your pencil sharp,

Your Caffeine full,

Don’t quit till it’s over

And grab an Aggie four leaf clover,

Put your penny on Sully,

And live the spirit fully.

I end with one simple longing

Of a happy finals for all,

And for all a curve up.


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