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5 Everyday Ramen Hacks

After living as a broke college student for two years, Ramen noodle soup is starting to get old. Sure they have chicken, beef, shrimp, shrimp with lime, shrimp with chili and lime, creamy chicken, cheese, and oriental to name a few off the top of my head. But after two years of eating this meal three to four times a day it gets old. Well more like once or twice a week when I’m too lazy or busy to cook real food, if I ate it every day I probably would be at Beutel Student Health Center with severe heart problems but being administered a pregnancy test because that’s all they know how to do there. Regardless, plain old ramen is getting old.

So the most natural thing to do is add other simple ingredients to my ramen and turn it into a gourmet and tasteful treat. So here are 5 Ramen hacks, and if you would like to watch me cook and EAT these grotesque creations <click here>. Seriously it’s pretty gross so it’s really good.

  1. Romelet” – This creation is your classic omelet with a twist; whipped eggs with a splash of milk topped with crushed up uncooked noodles, seasoned with a light dusting of the respective flavor powder that comes with the block of dehydrated noodles. The noodles give your omelet an unexpected and unpleasant crunch as you question why you though making an omelet with ramen noodles was a good idea in the first place.
  2. White Girl Ramen – If you are messing with Ramen noodle soup you probably aren’t gold status at Starbucks and cannot afford an 80-dollar drink. But don’t worry I have the next best thing. Place half a block of uncooked noodles in your desired coffee mug, brew into it, one cup of coffee straight from your Keurig, let your creation rest for 5 minutes, and then enjoy your noodlie coffee. This is served best with Jandals, a Comfort Color t-shirt, Nike shorts, and a Northface backpack.
  3. Ramen Pre-Workout – For all you gym rats out there that require a week’s worth of caffeine and carb up before doing arm day every day I have the pre-workout concoction for you. Take a glass of water, place a handful precooked ramen noodles into the cup and add some C4 pre-workout. I recommend using 4 scoops for maximum #gainz.
  4. Ramen Post Workout – Now after your hardcore gym session you have to have your post workout shake of protein, mass gainer, and creatine. However most of y’all are missing a crucial component to this drink. It has been unscientifically proven that for maximum tool bag results one must also carb down after a workout. So simply add some precooked ramen noodles into your smoothie routine, and blend until the noodles are blended into a fine sludge.
  5. Ramen Little Caesars – If for some unfortunate situation you find yourself too broke to afford a Little Caesars pizza, one I am deeply sorry; that is the definition of struggle, and two I have a solution for you. Preheat your oven to 500 oF, or 260 oC for you Europeans. Place a block of uncooked noodles on a baking sheet add sauce and cheese to taste, then bake until the cheese is all melted. This is a perfect date night meal for that special lady in your life. Just add flowers and a candle for the perfect date.

So I challenge you to put on your brave face and creative hat; and try one of these recipes. Actually please don’t, they were gross. But you should try to be a little more creative because sometimes you may surprise yourself and create something delicious. That was not the case with this but I also used a 20 cent block of dehydrated carbs as my base so there was nowhere to go but down. As always; make good choice, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I’ll see you on Saturday.


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