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What I Did During Graduation

So I am at one of the many Texas A&M graduations and they are long. Not as long as the 1700 kids I graduated with in high school, but then again I didn’t go to my high school graduation so I don’t know how bad that many people is. So instead of sitting in shear boredom middling through my various strange thoughts alone I have decided to document the random things I as well as Bethany, and Hannah think about at graduation. So here it goes, it will be random but I can assure you it is all connected in my brain somehow. So here are the ____ thoughts I have during a graduation

  1. Here come the doctoral candidates maybe I should get my Ph D
  2. “No Hillary” on your cap, pretty clever I am surprised that it made it on the Jumbo Tron; then again its Texas A&M
  3. Let me make a sign on my computer for Kev Kev ill make it in PowerPoint
  4. I wonder if he sees the sign, he looks confused I think he sees it
  5. Dog
  6. Bethany (or should I say B-Sizzle) – it’s weird that a liberal arts student out of all colleges would have not Hilary on her hat.
  7. Finally, everyone is marched in
  8. Did they just say MC? I thought that was an inner city rap battle title for the speaker.
  9. 16 ceremonies! I wonder if they get tired of graduation ceremonies
  10. Why is she talking about astronomy this is Liberal Arts not science, you took astronomy 101 your freshman year what do you know?
  11. “We are liberal arts, the odd ball of the aggie family” yes student speaker you hit the nail on the head
  12. Was that Thunder? Let me check the radar. Yes that was thunder
  13. PI is 3.1415926535897932384626433
  14. Dang it I told myself I wasn’t going to do that
  15. Well It happened, I’m a nerd that is filled with useless knowledge like pi to the 20th I should get a hobby; like a blog. Oh…..
  16. Is that the new official seal on stage? Gross, bring back T-Star.
  17. Oh goodie board of reagent speaker, who speaks slower and with more pauses than Obama
  18. Speaker – “I was class of 71, and I was on Northgate last night.” Uh…..
  19. Speaker – “Then this morning I was walking through Northgate,” wow hitting it hard in the morning before graduation, that’s why you’re speaking so slow.
  20. Hannah – why did all the babies start crying?
  21. Yeah there are like 15 different babies crying, his speech must be that bad….
  22. Wow to the names already that was quick
  23. Hannah – “Is this where they throw their hat?” Me – …. No that’s the end
  24. What if they did all 16 ceremonies at once in Kyle Field, what would be worse the endless drone of names, or the traffic afterwards?
  25. “No selfies on the stage” *Audible Laughter* Of course they have to say that
  26. Insert Debate between Bethany, Hannah, and I
    1. Hannah – College station could not support all that at one time
    2. Bethany – 10 hours of graduation
    3. Bethany – let me do this math – 44 hours
    4. Me – uhhh
    5. Hannah – you can’t fit that many people in Kyle Field
    6. Me – yeah they have gameday traffic down to a science
  27. Everyone – Definently the 44 hours
  28. Twenty-eight thoughts in and they are still on Doctoral Canidates…
  29. Bethany – look, you’re not the only one with a laptop.
  30. I wonder if anyone has there Snapchat add nearby on…. no they don’t
  31. Hannah – we have to be loud
  32. Hannah – Cum Laude, whats that mean?
  33. That they’re smart
  34. Speaking of grades let me check mine
  35. The internet is too slow for that
  36. Look there is the not Hillary cap again
  37. 4 rows in 100 to go
  38. Well not 100 let me see how many actually its more 40
  39. Hannah – 38
  40. Oh I was close
  41. Hannah – I’m Hungry
  42. Bethany – I brought snacks
  43. Are those Reese’s puffs?
  44. I still have my box at home, I have had one bowl…
  45. Brief conversation about how our parents were mean and never let us have sugary cereal for breakfast
  46. Bethany – such an expensive piece of paper
  47. Yeah they charge you 50 bucks for the diploma
  48. Bethany and Hannah – You have to buy your diploma
  49. Yeah…
  50. They should take my 72.06 Buetel Health Center Fee and put it towards my diploma. If I need a pregnancy test or a miss diagnosis, I’ll just use Web MD
  51. Hannah – I was on web MD the other day; I think I have diabetes
  52. Or cancer
  53. I wish I brought the pompoms from the guard office
  54. What if I screamed for every single person
  55. Hannah – please don’t
  56. *screams*
  57. *screams
  58. *screams*
  59. Hannah – stop
  60. Wow that was quick I only got three people in
  61. If I did it the whole ceremony people in a 50 seat radius would hate me
  62. Should I even post this it seems boring
  63. And this is a lot of work
  64. Hannah – we are almost a fourth of the way
  65. Hannah – you’re not responding only typing
  66. Let me see If this post is entertaining…. Its decent I’ll finish what I’ve started
  67. Hannah – *talking about her boyfriend who may or may not be Kev Kev*
  68. What should I have for dinner. Ramen?
  69. Is that guy wearing Jordan’s
  70. Yes, he has a master’s in economics and is wearing Jordan’s to graduate in
  71. Hannah – Are you going to get to 1000
  72. No I sure hope not
  73. Hannah – we are now a fourth of a way
  74. Hey look at the light bar for the breakaway stuff
  75. Bethany – that’s not just for the basketball games
  76. No I think Breakaway is the most common thing in Reed besides sports
  77. Hannah – need a cheeseburger a real cheeseburger a Texas roadhouse cheese burger
  78. You go to roadhouse and get a cheeseburger?
  79. Hannah – Texas Roadhouse cheese burgers are bae
  80. I though Kevin was Bae
  81. Hannah – He told me I’m not allowed to called anyone else bae
  82. Hannah – do you know what we are doing tonight (her and Kevin)
  83. Ill text him and tell him to take you to roadhouse
  84. *texts Kev Kev*
  85. I guess I need Kev Kev’s permission to publish all these intiment details of their relationship
  86. Bethany – We are 1/3 of the way done
  87. Hannah – why am I nervous
  88. Hannah – I don’t want to eat a cheese burger in front of him they’re messy burgers
  89. Are yall not at that stage
  90. Hannah – I uh….. Blah…. *giggles*
  91. *Drops phone down own shirt*
  92. Hannah – why’d you do that
  93. I’m not sure
  94. Hannah – One time I was *giggles* at Whataburger and *giggles* I was *giggles* eating my French fries *giggles* and the lady came over to give us ketchup *giggles* and I dropped a French fry down my tank top *giggles* and everyone laughed
  95. Hannah -why’d you skip 91
  96. I wonder what the people behind me are thinking they are probably reading this over my shoulder. One of them laughed… They are defiantly reading this.
  97. Person sitting behind me – you shouldn’t post it
  98. That answers both my questions
  99. But I am half way might as well finish it
  100. Hannah – what should I wear to my date tonight
  101. Wear uh Idk
  102. Hannah – a 5-minute dissertation about her inner turmoil on what she should wear
  103. What are you doing why can’t I un-tab this is weird
  104. What did I do
  105. Why?
  106. Ugh
  107. Well forever random indention
  108. How are you Bethany; haven’t heard from you in a while
  109. Bethany – groans
  110. I think she’s dead
  111. If you are still reading this I applaud your commitment
  112. Is his last name really “hedgehog” that’s so retro
  113. Retro; no one says that anymore
  114. Hey Kev Kev is almost on stage
  115. I almost missed that, the whole reason I came
  116. Bethany – If you double major do you get two diplomas and walk the stage twice
  117. Hannah – what’s Allie’s last name?
  118. Who?
  119. Oh there’s Kev Kev
  120. *Hannah and Bethany pull out their phone to snapchat the moment*
  121. The diploma doesn’t count if you don’t snapchat the moment
  122. Did Jake Just hug the professor
  123. Yes, yes he did
  124. Can I go Now?
  125. Did he just hit the dab. My hero
  126. I’m surprised about the amount of time where I don’t think about anything at all
  127. Hannah – Me too I mostly think about sleep or food
  128. What time is it – 3:30 wow this is going quick
  129. Hannah – I’m excited for dinner
  130. I’m excited for the war hymn at the end
  131. Bethany – Kevin was homeschooled wasn’t he?
  132. Bethany – He thinks he is funny because he has a degree now
  133. I’m tired of typing I just want to sleep
  134. Hannah – are we going to go to football games together in the fall
  135. YEAH!
  136. Last third *Whoop*
  137. This whooping thing is pretty cool
  138. Hannah – please end this at 147
  139. I like how A&M went from the southwestern conference to the south eastern conference when really we are in the south central region.
  140. My leg’s asleep
  141. Hannah – let’s have a breath holding completion
  142. We aren’t in the Rec so we can do it
  143. *holds breath*
  144. I won
  145. Why didn’t we time that
  146. Hannah – I’m really excited for Kevin to read about everything we thought about at his graduation
  147. Let’s do this again in 5
  148. *gets in the zone*
  149. *holds breath*
  150. I feel funny
  151. I think I might blackout
  152. Me – 2 minutes
  153. Hannah – 2.12
  154. Oh wow
  155. Best two out of three?
  156. *gets in zone*
  157. *holds breath*
  158. Dog
  159. Aww the Dog has a hat too
  160. Thomas 2.19
  161. Hannah 2.25
  162. Well I tried
  163. Hannah – do you need my inhaler
  164. No I’m fine I have mine that expired in 2013
  165. You missed your 147 Hannah
  166. *guy dances on stage*
  167. Is he having a seizure
  168. Hannah – is that allowed?
  169. *Tries to open Facebook*
  170. *not enough bandwidth*
  171. *goes all Lion King on my Phone*
  172. *Facebook opens*
  173. Hannah – I’m so hungry
  174. Hannah – how many times have I talked about food in this thing
  175. A lot
  176. Hannah – What do we do after this
  177. Bethany – Initiation, speech, war hymn
  178. Perks of going to 4 graduations^^
  179. Bethany – Only three I missed Laura’s
  180. Hey they’re almost done
  181. Hannah – Is that thunder
  182. Oh no I have to walk in the rain with my laptop…
  183. Hannah – dang it I have to redo my hair
  184. Wait do I have my poncho
  185. *Pulls out Walmart sack*
  186. Ehh close enough
  187. Bethany – *eats Reese Puffs*
  188. Bethany – last person is coming up
  189. Bethany – They’ll get the most cheers
  190. *last person gets most cheers*
  191. Bethany – I wish my last name started with a Z


I shall finish here because I need my laptop to be safe and away before the War Hymn. And once the names are read its basically over and the drudge of graduation is done with. If you are still reading this well, thanks, I hope you enjoyed it.

So I challenge you to have fun even in bland situation such as a massive graduation, it’s possible you just have to work at it. As always; make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I’ll see you on Thursday.


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