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How to Build a Web Page

Something is different, the web address is the same, and the words are the same but everything looks weird. What is this? I hope y’all like the new look it was a joyful challenge to take “Thoughts with Thomas,” into the new(er) age, having more links and cool stuff to click on!

I am average to slightly above average at computer programing, heck just a few weeks ago I wrote a code to have tractors self-locate and harvest/plow/fertilize/till/whatever the farmer wants it to do, all autonomously. Meaning no driver is needed. I know, pretty cool!

But when it comes to object oriented programing I am as useful as a five-year-old in a college class. I can color that’s about it. So when I sat down to redesign this webpage I was at a loss. Luckily for me I did not have to teach myself HTML or JAVA (no not the coffee it’s a coding language.) I instead used some templates. Now filing through all the templates required a lot of internet data, and seeing as my apartment internet is powered by a hamster wheel, I decided to go to a coffee shop to expedite the process. However, two minutes in to me being there the internet crashed.

I did not let this set me back. Instead, I made a list and a thorough plan of all the things I wanted in this new webpage. By the time my laptop was re-connected to the sweet juices of Wi-Fi, I had an extensive layout with a list of features I was going to implement. Due to my detailed nature, I could not find the perfect template. But not to worry! I am smart and tech savvy so I could figure out how to modify something to suit my needs.

About 30 seconds into the modifications I realized that I was in way over my head and aborted the missions immediately. So, I was back at square one filing through all the templates trying to find the one that would cause me to compromise the least. And as you probably guessed it I found one that was good enough. But that wasn’t the first one I choose. I half built the new web page, did not like where it was going, and trashed the whole thing. Which I am really glad I did, because not to brag or anything but I think it looks pretty sweet. The Mobile version isn’t that different because a mobile version is basically the words I write, but if you pull this up on your desktop it’s a whole new world!

Again I hope you like the new layout and I recommend clicking through all the links in the menu above^^ some are cool and others are cooler, and others are pretty lame. Which ones are which? You’ll have to find out for yourself. And I would like to apologize if I over hyped the site, I am writing this the moment after I published the new site which probably isn’t the best idea, because after spending most of the day on it I am a lot of bit excited.

So I challenge you not to be set back by difficulties or obstacles, but rather develop and plan or adapt your original plan to overcome whatever is in between you and your goals. As always; make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I will see you on Saturday.


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