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My First Day of School

Today is the first day of summer school. Now this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve taken classes in those months designated for working, napping, and soaking up the sun. I did this last year having a rocking time in Physics and Calculus as tried to catch up after being kicked out of community college (still a story for another time). As well as when I was in first grade and went to optional summer school for those special students that thought to take art, science, and mathematics for fun. No one told me I had to go, I choose this out of a list of things I could do with my summer; I choose school. This is probably where I began my journey into the nerdom I find myself in today.

The reason this summer is so special, is because of the caliber in which I am challenging myself. Taking Thermodynamics, Materials Science, Electrical Circuit Theory, and Technical Writing. All in 10 weeks. And for some strange reason I think this will be at least a little fun. Sure I would love to have a free summer to do what I want and twiddle around with the random things I can get my hands on. Having no hard deadlines, and no looming grades in the background. But instead, I will spend all my time on campus either in lecture, experimenting in lab, the library, or my place of employment. Thankfully I don’t live on the campus of Texas A&M so I have a nice 7-hour reprieve where I can relax off campus. Which most of that time will be spent sleeping, but that’s relaxing right?

So why am I doing this to myself? Well with any situation there are a variety of factors that are influencing my decision, but one of the biggest factors is trying to graduate on time, and having a little wiggle room to pick up a research topic during my senior year, or if that fails then to simply have some free time. Time to twiddle around with the random things I can get my hands on, with few hard deadlines and minimum looming grades in the background. Sound familiar? It is probably a good thing I don’t play the lottery, because if I won and never had to work again, you would probably find me in the middle of nowhere USA, growing corn, and building rockets. I feel like there is a movie about this….

Anyways the other big reason I am taking so many summer classes is because I enjoy a good challenge. And ten weeks of constant work, and always being on my grind is going to be a massive undertaking. But still small enough for me to realistically grasp and concur. So, here I am, day 1 of 70 (give or take a reading day) ready to set the principles in motion that will allow me to dominate summer school while working to “save lives” at my part time job, and of course keep up with y’all on my blog. Working towards the end of the summer session where I can feel the victory of completing my challenge and be one semester shy of my Aggie Ring. Now I just need to find 1200 dollars lying around, better check my couch cushions.

So as I dig through my couch I challenge you to find the challenge in the hard tasks. To look at things from a positive perspective and focus on the outcome rather than the trials it will take to get there. Because if you focus on the hard road that lies ahead, you will never make it through the journey, you will never reap the full reward of your labors. So eyes forwards, and focused on your goal. As always; make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I will see you on Thursday.

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