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How to Celebrate Your 20th Birthday

20 years old is a turning of a decade, a new chapter in my life, another adventure to live. Yet the difference between today and yesterday is that today I have officially defeated teen pregnancy (you’re welcome mom). But what kind of accomplishment is that? My 20th is not freeing like my 16th birthday when I went to the DMV and got my driver’s license so I could be independent and drive myself to the store to buy rubber cement. Which turned out that I still needed my mommy, because even though I could get to the store alone I had to be 18 to buy glue. And my 20th is nothing like my 25th where I will eventually be able to pay less on car insurance and rent a car. So is a singular day that special?

The day I moved away from home and out on my own was definitely a pivotal day in my life, a huge step towards becoming an adult. But as I said before, my birthday is just another day and nothing has really changed. I woke up at a ridiculously early time like normal, went to work, went to class, studied, and ate some food. Essentially doing all the same things I did when I was a teenager. I just did these things without the arbitrary title of being called a teenager or as I like to say, an adult in training. I haven’t figured life out any more and am nowhere near the point where I feel like an adult.  Yet, my 20th birthday is perceived to be a new era.


And then it hit me, my twenties are going to have a lot of learning and growth mixed in with copious amounts of changes and decisions that will map the rest of my life on this earth. When I turned 10 nothing really changed besides the number of candles on my cake. But as time rolled on I began to gain more responsibilities and skills which have molded me into who I am today. Preparing me to move away from home and transform from a child to an adult child.

My 20’s will operate the same way. Nothing will be different at first, and I probably won’t notice a lot of the changes until 10 years from now when I write a blog on my 30th birthday (if I still am sharing my thoughts for anyone to read on the internet). Regardless if I notice the changes or not, they will still happen. I will pick my career field once and for all. I will probably meet the lucky, maybe unlucky woman that becomes one with me as we tackle the adventure of life together,  because the average age for that life event is 28. We may even have a child or two together because the average age for that is 25. Wait did I mix those two numbers up, nope that was not a typo.

Anyway, my point is that aside from having a bunch of people write on my Facebook wall, this day is not too different. But it is a symbol for the future I have and the positive changes to come, as God leads me into my new seasons of life. The change doesn’t happen magically all in one special day. It happens over time through hard work and determination. My birthday won’t be a magical mile stone in my life, it’s the other 365.25 days in-between that matter.

Simply put, Carpe Diem. As Always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, and I will see you on Thursday.


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