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How to Have 5 Homes While in College

Being in college is a lot like being a millionaire; you call many places home. The only difference is that in college you don’t own any of them. This week I have been going non-stop studying for my various midterms. Only taking a break to play monopoly Monday night, which I absolutely demolished all my friends and won one of the quickest monopoly games in the history of forever.

monopoly champ.gif

With everything going on this week I have not spent a lot of time at home. I generally am not at my house to begin with, but this week was a little worse than others. Where did I spend all my time? Well it was mostly spent at my second, third, fourth and fifth homes.

So I have my first home or as I like to call it the sweat shop. It is the only place that I actually pay rent at, and it is good for about three things. Sleeping, storing my stuff, and getting hit on by my neighbor. I spend most nights here.

I like to call my second home The Student Rec Center. I don’t pay any rent here, in fact most of the time they pay me. Some people call this a place of employment I prefer to call it my home. This is my largest house and is filled with a ton of things to use like a rock wall, diving boards, and a huge weight room. Along with the activities it has to offer my second home always has great friends in it, with cool things to play with like sulfuric acid and sodium bicarbonate. I spend a lot of my mornings and weekends here.

Scoates Hall is my third home; it also happens to be the building where most of my classes are. So this is where I spend my “work day” (9-5).  There is generally a lot of smart people walking the halls, and most of them want me to call them doctor. But I don’t think they’re real doctors because none of them would help me with my cold. This home is probably where I do a majority of my learning, and crying depending on how the exam goes.

My fourth home is more like a timeshare than a home. This is because it’s always a shared space and is located wherever I feel like studying. Because I couldn’t possibly study at the place I pay money to have access to. That place is only for sleeping. Some of my common timeshare locations are The Brew, the third floor of Evans (on campus library), Mugwalls, the sixth floor of Evans, Blue Baker, West Campus Library, Medical Science Library, and the fourth floor of Evans. I spend most evenings here, and sometimes I’ll stay the night .It is like a vacation, except not any fun.

dog study

This last home; my fifth home is the one I hardly visit. Mostly because it is an arbitrary home ever since my mom sold it and moved to Hawaii. But it is where my heart is, my childhood home that I go to when I leave town over the break. Now when I say go to I mean it metaphorically because someone else that I do not know lives in the house now and would not appreciate it if I showed up and tried to stay the weekend.

All in all, home isn’t limited to the physical space I keep my stuff in, but is a fluid idea to resemble where I spend my time and find my friends. So what is your second home, and why is that place so special? As always, make good choices, comment if you have something to add, share if you like what I said, and I will see you on Saturday.


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