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Chief David Brown – A Lesson in Leadership

If you have not heard about what happened in Dallas last week, please take a break from Pokémon Go and get out from the rock you live under. Now I will not comment on the tragedy that went down, I do not fully understand what happened, correction what is happening in America. I can explain to you the theory of relativity but with this I am like a kindergartener. I understand there is a problem and I hope someone smarter than me can solve it.

What I do know is that Dallas’ Chief of Police David Brown is a man to learn from. The way he managed the developing situation and then the mourning that took place in the wake of tragedy is something to be studied and learned from by all leaders. I constantly found myself captivated by his interviews and press conferences. Admiring how he would appear at the press conference instead of his PIO (public information office, the press conference police officer) but not stay too long, always excusing himself to get back to work in securing the city, and making sure his officers were safe.

Once the situation was neutralized and the threat was taken care of Chief Brown did not stop. He visited his wounded officers and the families of the fallen. He continued to coordinate with the media and the public while heading up the investigation. He always diverted the attention to his men. Complementing their actions, and lifting up his wounded police force.

If you saw his interview on CNN you probably noticed the reoccurring theme of Chief Brown focusing on his Dallas officers. Jake Tapper would try to get Chief Brown to talk about himself or his opinions and every time Chief Brown would call Tapper out, saying that his job is a servant not a policy make, that he is here for his officers and not to talk about himself. Chief Brown even went as far as telling Jake Tapper that if he asks a certain type of question again he would, “punt the question right back” to Tapper. Chief Brown does things for a reason and is not one to waste time nor play games.

He was focused on the mission and continuously told the media that they were not getting certain information, that they needed to back off from the investigation because they are interfering with police work. He never worried about saying the proper thing, instead saying the things that needed to be said. Saying what would help out his officers, and aid in their ability to serve the City of Dallas. Calling for the citizens to lift up their police force in such a critical and vulnerable time. Most recently he has called for protesters to stop their actions and make a true difference. Citing that the Dallas Police Department was hiring and that applicants would be placed in their neighborhood.

Chief Brown is a bold servant leader that should be an example for leaders across the country. He is firm in his decision making and trusting of the people he leads. He has taught me valuable leadership lessons of selflessness and focus that I can apply not only in stressful situations but in everyday life. If you have not seen his CNN interview with Jake Tapper I highly recommend it not only for the lessons to learn but for the entertainment of Chief Brown constantly shutting Tapper down.

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