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My 70 Hour Work Week

Because I picked up an extra side job this week, I am going to put in 70 hours of work before the week is over. Which on its own is a lot. But combined with the four classes I am taking this summer it seems insurmountable.


However, I am still managing to get all the things done that need to be accomplished. How? Well that has a little to do with being lucky enough to not have a test to study for this week, but more to do with my ability to manage my time and stay on top of my homework.

To me being on time is being late, I am that weirdo that always shows up early to the party or the first to arrive when meeting people somewhere. Because of this I try to stay ahead of my homework. Doing it a few days before its due, not a few minutes before. So when my friend called me about an opportunity to build a fence and make a little money on the side I knew that I could balance the extra 40 hours on top of class and my “day job.” I was ahead with my homework and had a lighter load of studying to do for the week, allowing myself to take the opportunity as it presented itself.

By no means is this week a breeze, but it is manageable. I simply am being more intentional with my time and diligent when I work. Planning out every day to a T, and utilizing even the smallest of free time. Writing this during a ten-minute break I have between classes. Time that I normally use to check twitter or do a crossword. At times it appears that I am too busy to do all the things I need to do, but with my planning and time management I am not stressed, because I know that I have the time as long as I follow my plan.

By managing my time effectively and being proactive I have enabled myself to be able to give into unique and rare opportunities as they surprisingly spring up. Not having to worry if I can add the extra work into my schedule. Fence building is not a life changing opportunity but merely a means to buy engineering textbooks. But when greater opportunities come up, I will have the skills and ability to add it into my juggling routine of life.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit, and I will see you on Tuesday.


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