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Why I Love Animal Agriculture

So I am raising chickens in my backyard. And before you freak out mom do know that this time is different. I don’t live in Plano (aka Suburbia USA) anymore. I am 97% sure I can raise a limited number of pullets (young female chickens) in my backyard. I did my research but I am not a lawyer so there is a chance that what I am doing is a little on the illegal side. But only a small chance

Also, I literally live across the street from a horse farm and chickens take about two months to finish. Plus, if I had to choose a law to break while in college, illegally possessing a small farm of fowl is one of the better crimes to commit.

Now I am sure a lot of y’all are wondering why in the world I felt the need to buy chickens? Well the answer is in my college major. I am an Agriculture Engineering major, Agriculture meaning farming, and Engineer meaning nerd. I am a farming nerd. So I love to do stuff like grow crops and raise livestock. I did this with pigs and corn in high school but can’t with my current living situation because it is illegal. I checked. So the next best thing is to have some pullets to raise for meat and eggs.

Yeah I just said meat. No I don’t feel any remorse or guilt about raising a baby animal with 100% intentions to slaughter it. Again I did this in high school. But it’s okay that you think I am a heartless monster, its people like you that give me job security. People that like to think of their food being magically yet organically generated on the grocery store shelves. My future career is basically doing just that. You’re welcome, actually no, thank you.

Even though I have every intention to slaughter my chickens I still do think they’re the cutest little things. Well for now. Next week they’ll be ugly balding softballs. So you could say that I am enjoying them being freaking adorable.



This one is pudge. She is my favorite because she loves to kill bugs.

I believe that animals, especially livestock have a purpose and place in this world. I care for those said animals, give them the best life with the best food plus the best healthcare. And at the end of the day they receive the most humane slaughtering procedures known to man. Quick and painless. That is what modern agriculture is, and what goes on at the farms you drive past to go visit grandma.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit, and I will see you of Thursday.


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