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IDK and That’s OK

In the past few days I have encountered a lot of people whether at work or in my personal life act like they know how to do something or understand a concept when in reality they are less than sure. They merely are acting the part or using context clues to try and figure it out. Now I am not trying to dog on these people because I too was guilty of this, and still am guilty from time to time. Unwilling to admit that I do not know something, or act like an expert on something I know little about. Thinking if I am confident enough others will believe me and I will eventually figure it out on my own. Why does this happen?

I understand that I cannot be the best at everything, and that there are things I am basically clueless about. I understand my strengths are someone else’s weakness and vice versa. But in my day to day life I am still tempted to fake it until I make it.

Take baking for example. I can read a cake mix box and follow those directions (for the most part) but anything more advance than that I am as lost as a PETA supporter in a slaughter house. Yet if I were to be baking with friends there would be a tug for me to merely pretend I knew what was happening, and follow along.

The idea of being good at somethings and bad at others is accepted in theory but in realty as a student at Texas A&M I feel it is required for me to get a 4.0 GPA, be involved in 18 (A-A-A WHOOP) student activities, work 30 hours a week, have a social life, and get the doctor recommended 8 hours of sleep. It is nearly expected of every student to be the best at everything so that they can be successful in the next endeavor of their life.

Now I do not know why this disconnect happens I am an engineering type scientist not a social scientist so back to the PETA metaphor to explain how lost I am (see I am making progress). All I know is that I have been striving to be more secure and in tune with myself, and to admit when I don’t understand something. Which 99% of the time that is completely okay. The only time it is not okay is when I am studying and accept that I know nothing, and merely prepare for the “L”. Besides that, the outcome is generally a positive one when I admit that I do not know. Because one – someone teaches me instead of having to fake my way through it, and two – I feel like an honest man. This what I call a win win situation.

So, if you don’t know something or feel lost in a situation it is okay to admit that. Not being perfect at everything doesn’t make you anything but human, and acknowledging your weaknesses makes you a better one.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit, and I will see you on Tuesday.


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