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I May Have Gotten Lost in the Woods

Normally I start my blogs by writing in Microsoft Word so that I have spell check at my disposal. Otherwise my blogs would seem to be written using the spelling of a five-year-old. (math is my strength not spelling)


However, this blog is being originally written in the woods on a sheet of paper. We are going old school today. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Thomas if you wrote this on a piece of paper how am I reading this on the internet?” Okay maybe you aren’t thinking that. You’re probably wondering why I am in the woods instead of studying for my finals. Because I am an engineering major and not a forestry major so going into a forest doesn’t help me study.


Yes, I do have finals to study for, and I promise that I will study for those finals mom. I just wanted to go on a hiking adventure for the day. And that’s about as good of a reason I have for going hiking in the rain when it is 50 degrees outside.

It started when I was walking out of church and got the idea to go explore and get away from the bustle of everything. It sounded like an adventure where I could relax and be in the peace of nothingness. Just out there on my own with the occasional squirrel friend.

So, I went home, changed clothes, and after 3 minutes of thorough research I set off south of town to go explore on the seemingly dreary day. (It finally stopped raining hence why I had the ability to pull out pen and paper and write this.)

I know that I sound like a completely irresponsible adult going into the woods with no plans on a wet winter day, but I did bring water and a compass. Which combined with my one year of cub scouts in 2nd grade makes me totally safe even though I am 3 miles into the woods with only a partial bearing on my location with 3.5 hours of daylight left. I planned and prepared the minimal amount to ensure survival and everything else is a part of the adventure. Except for the wet socks, my feet are quite cold. Actually, this too is weirdly also a part of the adventure.

IMG_3062 (2).JPG


Normally I am a planner, I organize things down to a T and execute my day with perfection. Always staying three steps ahead of the present. However, I do recognize the importance of going against my normal instincts, to open my mind and challenge what I value as safe and normal. This makes me a stronger person, that is more open to change, and lives a great adventure of life.

Now I need to go find the trail again and get home before dark. Don’t worry mom I am 3 miles from my car not 3 miles from the trail. That is much closer, it is only like a quarter mile away. Maybe more I am not too sure where I am. But you’re reading this now so either 1 – I lived or 2 – you are a rescue worker that found my body. If this is the case, please give all my money to the salvation army bell ringers. It’s the twelve cents sitting on my desk at home.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit, and I will see you tomorrow. I am in a blogging mood let’s see how long this will last.


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