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A question I have been getting asked a lot recently is, “why do you blog?” Apparently, it is not a normal thing for a college student to write about their life and post it on the internet for 5 people to read. Okay maybe I can see where they are coming from. And to be completely honest with you I don’t have a solid “I blog because_____” type of answer. I merely have a pieced together response filled with a lot of umms, that ultimately makes a vague explanation. Which makes sense because “Thoughts with Thomas,” is literally a hodge podge of random things or experiences that happen in my life and the lessons I take out of them.

I can tell you for certain that I do not blog for the fame or fortune. Surprisingly enough I don’t generate any ad revenue (ads simply pay for the web hosting) or have thousands of views on my posts. Except that one time my mom hit refresh 10,000 times on my first post to boost my view count and make me feel better.
Honestly when it comes to view counts or follower numbers I don’t really pay that much attention to it. Now I would be lying if I said I never looked at my statistics because I do. They are interesting to look at with the viewer break down of what posts are read each day, what countries access my blog, and how people stumble upon my site.


Plus, it is a pretty sweet feeling when WordPress sends me a notification saying that my stats are booming because one of my posts got 100 views in the first day of being posted. Or when people like my friend Daniel tell me that they enjoy my blog. It is simply an uplifting feeling when friends and even complete strangers take time out of their day to not only hear my thoughts on a topic, but actually enjoy reading what I have to say.

Despite the motivation and empowerment I get from views and positive feedback the reason I blog is much deeper than that. To simply put it I blog because I enjoy reflection, and this is a way for me to reflect and more importantly pull positives out of any situation no matter how badly I manage to burn myself. I blog because sometimes I choose to do crazy or exciting things because I know it will make a good story for others to read. Hence why I called the phone number that was placed on my car. And the main reason I blog is to try and make a positive impact on at least one person’s day. Whether it be as simple as giving them a good laugh or as complex and impactful as sharing about Jesus. I blog and share my life as an attempt to make a difference in not only my life but also yours.

By no means do I claim that I have everything figured out and my perspective and advice is always the best. But I do know that at the very least you and I can learn together.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit and I will see you tomorrow.

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