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My Concussion

According to Web MD I either have a concussion or a brain tumor, and seeing as my head aches started around the time I wrecked and smashed my head into the ground while snowboarding I am going to go with the concussion. Luckily I only lost my vision for a second this time instead of going completely unconscious like last time. (Yes mom I was wearing a helmet, and no mom I did not go to the doctor. My concussion is nothing compared to a brain tumor so don’t worry.)


According to Web MD you should be careful to not hit your head while recovering from a concussion. Something about the brain being damaged and sensitive to further impact. So naturally I hit my head a few days later not once but twice. You probably won’t believe me but I was taking it easy and being careful, just not careful enough.

You see what had happened was, I was laying under my small and short car replacing the tensioner pulley when I raised my head a little too fast smashing it into my cars frame. Then physics took over, with a reactant force that sent my head flying back towards the ground smashing it again. This is when my concussion went from minor headaches to nausea and dizziness if I looked at a computer for more than two seconds.

Needless to say, this is why I have not blogged in over a month. Not because I was being lazy. Well… when I was in New York I was being lazy and enjoying my break. But I had plans to share my adventures with y’all once I got back. The only issue was that the day I got back was also the day I made my concussion worse. Causing me to not be able to look at a computer until now. Which was only a major inconvenience.

For those of you that have never had a concussion before, basically the only thing you can do is sleep or lay in a dark room. Which by itself isn’t a terrible course of treatment, except for the fact that I had planned to do about 50 things with the remainder of my break. All of which involved using the computer. I couldn’t work even though I had a list projects to complete before school started, I couldn’t go to movie nights with friends, and worst of all I couldn’t blog about my crazy adventures I had while visiting my brother in the artic circle. I simply laid in bed trying not to stress and freak out about all the things I wasn’t getting done.

Luckily my symptoms began to subside right before I went insane. As I was finally able to function as a normal human being. Well partially back to normal. I still am waiting a little while before I begin working out. Because apparently (according to Web MD) you can pass out if you try to lift weights too soon after a concussion. And with my luck I would be doing a clean and jerk when I pass out, dropping the “massive” amount of weight on my head, and putting myself into the dark room for another week or two.


So, my next few blogs will be a little out of context seeing as I am talking about my winter break even though I have already started school again. But don’t worry because I have some pretty awesome adventures to share from building an igloo to living in the Chicago airport for two days.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit, and I will see you on Thursday.

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