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I Built A Pool In My House

I am not one to put limitations on myself or the things in my life. Sure, free climbing the 70 foot bolder this weekend without safety ropes was mildly irresponsible but I wasn’t going to be limited by my lack of equipment. Plus, who wouldn’t want to eat an apple overlooking this beautiful scenery.



Because of this mindset, I have always sought to push the limits of my home. When the realtor told me that my current house was 4 bedrooms my first though was bet, as I pushed the limits of my home. Turning my 4-bedroom home into a 5-bedroom one. Sure, one of the bedrooms has an oven in it but that is neither here nor there. Later on, as most of you know I pushed the limits of my suburban backyard into a small-scale chicken farm (link to explain my farm).

Most recently I turned my seldomly used dining area into an indoor pool. Now I live in a rental so the pool is one of those above ground ones that kill the grass in your yard. As much as I wanted to, I knew that if I pulled up tile and dug out the foundation to lay an in-ground pool I would most likely lose my security deposit.


Now I know what you are thinking: Why on earth would you think to do that? And the answer is quite simple, or at least it is simple to me. You see it all started when I was helping clean up after the Mountain West Swimming Conference Championship. The teams used inflatable pools as ice baths all week and I was instructed to deflate them and then throw them away. However, I somehow mistook my car for the dumpster and “accidentally” placed the pool in my vehicle, so it ended up going home with me.

During my drive home I was thinking about where to put the pool in our backyard when I came up with the brilliant idea to move our dining table and set the pool up in that space. My roommates agreed with me and we built our indoor swimming pool.

Aside from probably being the only house in college station with an indoor pool in it we also could watch TV, drink sweet tea, and play Xbox from the convince of out pool. Making the idea more and more exciting as we waited for the pool to fill.


I could’ve let my home be limited and set the pool up outside, but by pushing the limits and ignoring the “norm” I was able to get the most out of a simple tube of air. Sure, I am probably going to be that one crazy roommate people talk about 15 years after college. But I know that they will be glad to have accompanied me on my adventure of life, no matter how crazy of ideas I come up with along the way.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, give that follow button a hit, and I will see you on Thursday.


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