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My Aggie Ring

For those of you that read my previous blog where I alluded to a special ring to insinuate an engagement. I am sorry to inform you that the ring I received on Friday is not an engagement ring nor will that ring be entering my life anytime soon. The ring I was alluding to was my Fighting Texas Aggie Ring WHOOP!!



For those of y’all that are not Aggies and wondering why there is so much fuss about a ring I will never wear after I graduate college, please know that the Aggie Ring is not just another class ring. Something special about the tradition and community at Texas A&M is that the our class ring is worn for the rest of our lives, being worn down through the years as a symbol of pride and hard work.

a aggie ring.jpg
When I look at my Aggie Ring I not only see the symbolism and tradition that the ring embodies, but I also see the journey I took to get to this moment. A journey full of good times and bad. Laced with friends that walked this adventure with me, and will continue to run the race together as time goes on.

As I look at this really expensive chunk of gold on my finger, I can’t help but remember the scared high school student that did not think he could finically make it through college. I see the lost junior college freshman that had to start college a few weeks late after being dropped from all his classes. I see the nervous and insecure person contemplating if he is smart enough to study engineering. I see the frustrated student getting the cold rejection letter from what he thought his dream major was not once but twice. I see the 12 hour work days to pay for dinner. I see the nerdy sophomore laid up in Evans library somehow pulling out an A in physics. I see late night, random adventures to the waffle house. I see a community of people supporting me and me supporting them. Most importantly I see the journey God has put me through the past three years, the master plan he has executed even when I wanted to go a different direction, the people he has put in my life to build me up, and the adventure that lies ahead.

My college story is an abnormal one full of risk and uncertainty, doubt and confusion, success and failures. My Aggie Ring is a symbol to me that God has delivered and that he will continue to deliver. That hard times are growth times, good times should not be take for granted, and anything is possible if God is on your side as you push through and work hard.

Now that I have this chunk of gold I can’t help but rejoice, but also ask myself, what is my next “Aggie Ring?” And I hope you too are asking yourself that same question.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, if you like what you read give that follow button a hit so you do not miss out, and I will see you on Tuesday.


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