How to Keep Your Resolution

I hate new year’s resolutions. So much so that I need to blow off some steam before getting into this post.

tenor (3)

Now let me settle the question as to why I feel so strongly about people trying to change their lives for the better. For 11 months out of the year the gym is blissful place where you intentionally bring pain and suffering to your body in a constructive manner, within a community laced with unwritten rules and mannerisms. And all this bliss is abruptly ruined by an invasion of 700 newcomers overcrowding the gym, trying to replicate some type of workout plan they saw on Pinterest that one time.

gym people graph

As you can see from the graph all this turmoil is over by mid-February. Now I wish I could take a leave of absence during this time until the gym returns to normal occupancy levels, but I am an American and ate way too much this holiday season. So, I need to go to the gym and loose the extra 10 pounds of Thomas I gifted myself for Christmas.

Now if you are about to get a gym membership and be that guy* and we happened to run into each other at the gym, please don’t be intimidated. I promise to be friendly and supportive of your new and developing habit, giving you a spot and answering any questions you may have. But know a little part of me deep down dislikes you. Well until mid-February when you are the 1% that keeps with their new year’s resolution and become one of us.

one of us

But how does one become that 1%? Simple, don’t make a new year’s resolution.


Before you click away let me explain. New year’s resolutions are generally decided prior to the new year, but stay in your head until the calendar rolls over. Then BAM.

tenor (1)

You attack your new goal with a gazelle intensity. With a burning passion that of gasoline, a raging fire, for a few days. Then life happens, you go back to work or school. You get busy and your old habits return. You re-make your resolution, “starting Monday I will stop robbing banks.” Only to restart again or give up all together. Eventually the calendar gains momentum and you find yourself in the midst of spring with no change implemented in your life.

Back when I was in high school a local restaurant put up a sign saying, “free taco’s tomorrow.” And I love tacos, so it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out what I did the next day. However, when I went to get my free taco the owner pointed to the sign and said not today but tomorrow. Confused and a little hangry I went home to eat a frozen hot pocket (cooking is hard) and start some project I had for class. But while I was gnawing away at my frozen pocket I decided to not start my project, telling myself I will do it tomorrow. This is when I realized I’m never getting a taco because it will always be tomorrow. Which made sense because I said that I would start this project tomorrow four times already. I accepted that “tomorrow” for my project was actually the night before its due, something I knew to be true deep down inside all this time. By no means was this the last time I said “tomorrow.” That would be ridiculous. But what I do know is that the things I decided to do today were a whole lot more successful than the things I did “tomorrow.” Yes, I’ve had to say today a few times, no one is perfect, mistakes happen, habits are hard to break. But you finish faster when you start the race today instead of tomorrow.

So, when I say don’t make a new year’s resolution I mean start today not tomorrow. A December 31st resolution if you want a fancy name. I just call it a coincidence that I’m instilling change at the turn of a new year. Now this isn’t the only thing you need to do to keep your resolution but it’s a start.

tenor (2)

Ultimately what I am trying to say is start the change you want today whether you are reading this in December or June. But also do more research into how to keep your new years resolution because I am by no means an expert, simply a guy passing on lessons he has leaned. Speaking of…

This post was originally supposed to be about my not new years resolution to blog regularly again, and use this blog post as a stepping point or a way to shade back into blogging. However, this post quickly changed into something more and talking about my absence from blogging due to sum of tomorrows just didn’t fit into this blog. So if you follow my blog here is a mild explanation but mostly a post of nothing yet somehow something. So that I may be at peace and can feel normal blogging again as if I never took a break.<<click me>> And if you don’t follow my blog but like what I said, which you obviously do because you are still reading this, <<click here>> for some letters arranged in an entertaining fashion. And lastly if you like my blog but your December 31st resolution is to spend less time on the internet then get off this site because my mom says I’m interesting and you will certainly spend hours reading all my posts and I do not want to be the reason you miss your goals.

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, if you like what you read give that follow button a hit so you do not miss out, and I will see you on Tuesday.


***guy in the sense of a gender-neutral figure of speech, please don’t @ me on twitter, I dislike all newbs that come to the gym in January equally


One thought on “How to Keep Your Resolution

  1. I love your approach to New Year’s Resolutions, you should start immediately and not leave it to another date. This is the perfect way to achieve your goals. I’ve made a similar blog post if you’re interested in checking it out, so feel free to check it out!

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