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You Still There?

Hey there, its been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been meaning to post a blog for a few weeks now but with semester closing out and having to help with performance evaluations for 100 staff members I never managed to find time to type. Then when I do I leave my laptop charger at home and do not have enough stored electrons to type. Plus, I haven’t blogged for a while and I am slightly unsure of how to start again.

Do I acknowledge my absence? Do I act like I never left? Do I say a brief semi heart felt sorry and then proceed to ramble on about a random encounter in my life? Do I devote a whole blog explaining how my laziness and putting things off until “tomorrow” culminated into extreme busyness which caused me to not post for a few months?

All these questions have caused me to write this post a few times. Well more like write the introduction to the post and then restart. In fact, this is the most I have written in a single draft. But nevertheless, will still be deleted. Meaning I can say whatever I want because I am probably going to delete it anyways. But then again that’s basically what this site is for, that and to document the obscure things I choose to do with my life. Things like having a snowball fight shirtless the night before the first day of finals. (I live in South Texas, snow is as rare as a democrat approving of trickledown economics).


Now before you go and comment on how this photo is looks rather peaceful for a snowball fight according to the long hair I call my girlfriend, we needed to take an Instagram photo. So, peace treaties were signed, and the photoshoot commenced. By photo shoot I mean someone pulled their iPhone out, it died, so someone else got their phone out and took a photo. Normal Instagram stuff for the non-basic white girls.

So yeah nothing’s changed since I blogged last, I’m still a weirdo who doesn’t know how to talk to girls yet somehow still has a girlfriend (there is hope out there you nerds). Well I shouldn’t say nothing has changed because it has been a semester since we have last talked. But the important things are still the same. I still love Jesus, I still test the limits, do what’s unconventional, and care less about what people watching me think. Hey, look at that I somehow accidentally took a blog with no direction, a series of random sentences, and strung it together to form some type of lesson/conclusion. AKA, I did the normal blog stuff that I always do. Guess who still has it after all these months?

tenor (4)

Now that I have the awkward reintroduction out of the way I can go back to publishing my life on the internet for everyone to see but no one to view, well except for you mom.

tenor (5)

As always, make good choices, share if you like what I said, comment if you have something to add, if you like what you read give that follow button a hit so you do not miss out, and I will see you on Tuesday.

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