12932656_1362914960401364_3087782358234282570_n*** this page is under construction, you’re welcome to look around but its half of the updated bio mixed with the 4 year old I basically just started this sight bio. So enter at your own risk. The work should be completed in a day or two. Most professionals would have written this in a word doc then when it was finished and polished put it into HTML format but its 2 am and I just started typing cause that makes sense. Anyways time for bed.


If you’re reading this I can only assume you are 3 hours into a Wikepdia link clicking bender that started with harmless cat videos and lead you hear to me. A Texan that was somehow convinced by his wife to move across the country to Metro Detroit where boots mean snow boots not cowboy boots and not everyone rides a horse to school. Regardless if this is how you got here or you actually clicked the about link to learn more about the weirdo that writes stuff on the internet for people to read, you’re still reading this so I guess I should deliver what the crowd wants.

Problem is I am not sure what to say about myself that isn’t repeated in a blog post. This whole site is essentially a narcissistic homage of myself so if you want more I have nothing, just read every single post.

Just kidding, this blog isn’t a homage to myself.  Yes it may be about me but its not about me. It all started one random evening when I had 45 minutes of free time on my hands which according to my wife can be a bit of a liability. Yes I am married here is a picture of my beautiful wife. <bailey pic> Anyways less about me and more about me, I had some free time and decided to develop a website. Like I said free time = liability.

Now this wasn’t a completely random thing to do, just a mostly random thing. I had talked about the idea of some type of story sharing vessel because I had good stories. More so I did things that made good stories and wanted to document them for myself but share them with anyone that was interested. Share the story but also the lesson because even the smallest moments in life can teach are re-affirm a lesson previously learned. So with that mindset and a no planning or idea on how to do any of this I began to type on my laptop.

Sharing interesting moments of my life like the time I built a pool in my house <link> or the time my neighbor wanted to be more than neighbors <link>. But also my perspective on things that were happening around me. With the occasional random post that I thought was funny to try and help brighten peoples day. As I said earlier not a lot of planning or direction sharing snips of my life and thoughts via a keyboard and GIFs.

Now before I go on any further let me give you a disclaimer, by no means do I have it all figured out or anything close to that. I simply am a voice, a voice that is edited and refined, a voice that is filtered through the do I really want to share this with anyone and everyone filter before I publish. Still some of my posts age better than others and that is okay. Its a part of growing up, I shouldn’t have the same view and perspective on what happened five years ago. If I did that means that I didn’t learn anything which to me is worse than having that “what was I thinking moment.” How else would I know that frosted tips aren’t cool like I thought in 2003. (gospel presentation?)

Throughout my college years I had seasons of posting regulary, kinda regularly, occasionally, and basically not at all. Going with the flow of how busy I was versus how discipline I was (or wasn’t). blah blah blah

Anyways I share my life and I invite you to join along with me on this adventure

which is basically an entire website dedicated to me about my life I could put my resume but then y’all would get jealous from my 4.0 community college GPA. I could talk about how I am a Christ follower and college student, but read three of my posts and you’ll pick that up. I guess I could start with the things I like.

I like long walks on the beach, learning about physics, reading, building stuff and I guess writing too. I can tell you pi out to 20+ decimal places, solve a Rubik’s Cube in the time it takes to microwave a bowl of Ramen, and I am probably in the library listening to gangsta rap or classical music as I do math. I live a real crazy life if you cannot tell already.

I know what you’re thinking, “Woah this guy is weird *insert shocked face emoji*.ijjgvu” But don’t act so surprised you’re reading my blog… That should be warning enough. And I am an Engineering Student, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Student to be exact at The Texas A&M. Which due to the rigor and soul eating difficulty of the course work as an A&M Engineering student, a certain level of weirdness is required.This weirdness does come out in my blogs, it is a part of who I am, and I would not trade it for the world.

While I am on the topic of being an engineering student, my primary language is Python not English, with that being said I don’t have the most grammatically correct posts. I edit my posts extensively but sometimes mistakes slip through. But on the bright side my math is almost always flawless.

Enough about me, lets talk about this blog. What is it? I ask myself this question everyday, and the best way, probably the only way to describe it is a trilogy of thoughts and happenings of my life as I tackle the adventures of college. Sometimes I talk about my struggles, victories, crazy situations, or stresses, and other times I say whats on my mind, however random and in left field it may be. With all that being said I always write with two things in mind. 1 – to make my reader (that’s you!) be able to relax and laugh from my post, because we all need to take a break every now and then. 2 – to teach y’all something, and by teach I  don’t mean math or science. That is what google and textbooks are for (although if you want me to explain the theory of relativity to you just ask. I would be more than happy to.) I mean teach as in life lessons I pull out of the crazy things that happen to me, like my 50 year old neighbor vulgarly hitting on me. It’s a true story =>My Overly Friendly Neighbor

So buckle up and enjoy! New post every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am. No I do not wake up at 6 am to publish, that’s when they are scheduled to automatically publish, technology is cool. Although I am awake at that time most days. Whether I am up from the night before or rose for the day ahead is a secret you will have to find out. (I can’t give away everything). Thank you for reading I hope you learn something and most importantly enjoy what I say! As always; make good choices.



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