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5 Things College Freshman Must Know

So, Class of 2021, mommy and daddy helped you moved into your dorm room, assisted you in decorating it after spending 18 hours on Pinterest and 700 dollars at Target, or by simply hanging a flag. They took you to get some food as you have already begun to learn to squeeze free food out… Continue reading 5 Things College Freshman Must Know

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Why I Support What Brother Jed Has to Say

For those of y’all who do not know who Brother Jed is. AKA those of y’all that do not go to Texas A&M, Brother Jed is a radical bible thumping evangelist that makes the Pharisees seem like tame people. He comes to the campus of Texas A&M each spring to preach. Now bless his heart… Continue reading Why I Support What Brother Jed Has to Say

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People Watching – Level Expert

Over winter break I spent two days living in the Chicago O’Hare Airport. (story for another time). During this time I also had a concussion meaning I really couldn’t read any of the books I brought or do what millennials with an iPhone. This basically left me with one form of entertainment, people watching. And… Continue reading People Watching – Level Expert