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Something Greater Than “God’s Plan”

This is the time of year when every white girl with a blog posts some sappy story that ultimately states that GPA doesn’t matter to God and how you can’t mess up his plan so relax. (And I may or may not have done this before) Which is true, God is watching out for you.… Continue reading Something Greater Than “God’s Plan”

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I May Have Gotten Lost in the Woods

Normally I start my blogs by writing in Microsoft Word so that I have spell check at my disposal. Otherwise my blogs would seem to be written using the spelling of a five-year-old. (math is my strength not spelling) However, this blog is being originally written in the woods on a sheet of paper. We… Continue reading I May Have Gotten Lost in the Woods

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The Day I Didn’t Make State Officer

With the Texas FFA state convention taking place in Dallas this past week, I couldn’t help but reflect on my time in the FFA. Time that went by extremely fast, but was filled with memories that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. As I graduated high school and… Continue reading The Day I Didn’t Make State Officer