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How to Earn Salvation as an Aggie

***Please note this is completely satirical and not how Christianity works at all*** In lieu of Breakaway starting tonight I felt it was most appropriate to go over salvation and the salvation points you must earn annually to ensure that you go to heaven when you die. Per outlined in the book of Ben, “Aggie… Continue reading How to Earn Salvation as an Aggie

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How to Have 5 Homes While in College

Being in college is a lot like being a millionaire; you call many places home. The only difference is that in college you don’t own any of them. This week I have been going non-stop studying for my various midterms. Only taking a break to play monopoly Monday night, which I absolutely demolished all my friends and… Continue reading How to Have 5 Homes While in College

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“Netflix & Chill” – A Modern Romance

Before I start this blog I am going to give you a statistic and I want you to remember it; 3 percent of Americans wait until marriage before having sex. I couldn’t find any studies on people waiting until engagement, probably because the type of people that wait that long wait the whole way until… Continue reading “Netflix & Chill” – A Modern Romance

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You’re Cooking Ramen Noodles Wrong

This past week was a rather uneventful seven days. No neighbors hit on me nor have I gone on any more mini adventures to mini Mexico. I simply went to school, went to work, and raced to finish my homework before the midnight deadline.  With this rather lazy week, I did not plan around the grocery… Continue reading You’re Cooking Ramen Noodles Wrong