New Here?

Welcome! So glad you either:

a. Clicked on a link from social media

b. Heard about the greatness of this blog from a friend

c. Have nothing to do for the day so got lost in the deep realms of the internet. You   started by Googling yourself, wound up on a wikepdia about peanut butter, and then eventually on my page.

d. All of the Above


Regardless of how you ended up here you are probably really confused as to what this is. Its a blog, I know I thought they were extincted too, taken over by the much more popular vlogs. Surprise! And guess what? This is a good blog too! At least that is what my Mom tells me.

So to catch you up I don’t expect, nor advise you to read every post, If you have a few hours to kill go ahead, I would be honored. But realistically there is a lot better ways to spend your time. So here are 4 posts to get you up to speed and help you understand what is going on.

1 –About

2-My Walk of Shame

3-My night at the “Club”

4-How I Became the Under Water Basket Weaving Master

5-Still want more? Here are my best works (or the ones my mom hit refresh on 1,000 times to boost my stats)