Philosophical Flatulence

Join Noah, Derek, and Thomas, as they explore what it means to be a man that is friends with a girl that wants to be more than friends, if wearing a jackets makes your more or less of a man, and when to break a fart barrier in a relationship. Comments? email us at threeandahalfmen.podcast@gmail.com


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I’m Graduating and Have No Idea What’s Next

So today was my last first day of college. Which is strange. And quite frankly I have no idea what to say, but I just feel as if I need to post a blog about this. Like this is a big deal, right? Cause I don’t feel like it is. I mean I do but… Continue reading I’m Graduating and Have No Idea What’s Next

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5 Things College Freshman Must Know

So, Class of 2021, mommy and daddy helped you moved into your dorm room, assisted you in decorating it after spending 18 hours on Pinterest and 700 dollars at Target, or by simply hanging a flag. They took you to get some food as you have already begun to learn to squeeze free food out… Continue reading 5 Things College Freshman Must Know